AiM - Astronomy and internet in Münster
(Astronomy 2.0)

AiM Project Group

The AiM project group works with robotic telescopes worldwide [ Some Impressions ]. We are able to control large research telescopes such as the 2m Faulkes Telescope on Mt. Haleakala in Hawaii or the 1.2m MONET/South Telescope (photo: Stathis Kafalis) at SAOO near Sutherland in South Afrika.

Our aims for 2022 are:

- NEO confirmations,
- NEO recoveries,
- MPC-Code for the MONET/North telescope,
- Training for teachers in Münster and the surrounding aerea
- workshops for students,
- support for school projekts,
- publication of observations of the IP J1832-16 we discovered.


Our co-operation partners are:

Faukles Telescope Project / Cardiff Uni

- MONET Project / Institut for Astrophysics Göttingen (IAG)
- Erwin Schwab
Minor Planets discoverer
- Planetarium Münster / LWL-Museum
- Sternfreunde Münster

Interesting Asteroid News

 shows the topicality of our research here